Think You Might Have Rising Damp

hat is Rising Damp?
As the name suggests, it is obviously about some damp that is rising; but where is it coming from and where is it going? Put simply, it is moisture that has been absorbed from the ground into a wall. It’s a bit like a sponge soaking up some nearby water, or liquid rising up a wick.

If there is nothing to prevent it, the ground water keeps on rising until it reaches a point where the force of gravity it greater, and gravity pulls it down again. Because of this phenomenon the height of any rising damp is about 1-1.2 metres.

It is not only water that can be drawn up into the walls but minerals and salts in the ground rise too. These subsequently crystallise and form a white powder-like substance, often visible on the outside bricks.

Buying or Selling  Know Your Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed can wreak havoc with your chances of either selling or buying a home. This plant has become the scourge of home owners throughout Britain. It can drastically reduce the price if you are selling, and make it difficult to get a mortgage if you are buying. It’s a problem that can be overcome if treated and successfully eradicated, but Japanese Knotweed is not to be taken lightly!

7 Easy Tips to Avoid Condensation

During the cold season we all want to keep warm and opening the windows to let some fresh air in, is probably not top of your wish list. The problem is, that good ventilation is even more important when it’s cold.