RICS Home Survey Level 3 (Building Survey)

What’s included in a Level 3 Survey?

A RICS Home Survey Level 3 includes a physical inspection of the property with a follow-up report. The qualified RICS surveyor who provides the Level 3 Home Survey aims to give you professional advice to:

  • A detailed report on the construction and condition of the property.
  • Advice on repairs, on-going maintenance, and issues that may affect the property value.
  • Clear information about areas that require urgent attention.
  • Help you make a reasoned and informed decision when purchasing the property or when planning for repairs, maintenance or upgrading the property
  • Provide detailed advice on the condition
  • Describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects
  • Propose the most probable cause(s) of the defects based on the inspection, and;
  • where practicable and agreed, provide an estimate of costs and likely timescale for identified repairs and necessary work.


Level 3 Building Survey
From  £670.00